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Can Japan Drier be added to TotalBoat Wet Edge to make it dry faster?


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  • Rod Brink

    If a more rapid drying of a paint, varnish or even Cetol wood finish is desired Japan Drier is the wrong additive... as it is a diluted combination of a bit of Cobalt Drier and other chemicals. 

    My Mentor told me many years ago that when painting on say an epoxy surface with some paint drying interference because of free amines to insure the alkyd enamels or single part urethanes like Brighside ...dry ...or if  you just want your oil based paint or varnish etc to dry quicker then just add about about  3-6 drops per ounce of Cobalt Drier  (available from most Art stores in 2 oz bottles) to the paint or varnish and it will dry much quicker. Colbalt Drier is the exact drier added to paints and varnishes but in small amounts because paints etc may sit on shelves a long time. 

     I have personally used Colbalt Drier 

    Alvin&Co GB5942 Grumbacher Cobalt Dryer 74ml   

    About $12 / 2 oz bottle. 

    for years when I needed to get a quicker dry time or had any problems with any oil based paint for varnish drying atop a so called cured clean epoxy surface.  I have  also used  Cobalt drier with The basic "Cetol" wood finish and its worked fine in making for a quicker  dry time.  I have personally used Cobalt Drier in the following products with good results ...

    Alkyd enamels (several brands including Sherman Williams Industrial Alkyd Enamel, Kirbys, and several other Alkyd enamels from general paint makers, Varnishes such as Captains, Schooner, Man O war, Minwax etc and other Varnishes, Interlux Brightside topside paint, Sikkens Cetol, and Epiphanes Varnish. 

    Japan Drier is much less effective than using Cobalt Drier and mostly a waste of time... and could contaminate the paint to some degree with the ingredients that are not Cobalt Drier. 


    Hope this helps...

    Rod Brink




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